Countries you should avoid visiting in 2019


In 2018, Intel Center introduced a rating of countries where terrorist attacks that led to deaths of people happened.

In June 2018, this rating included countries where a high threat of terrorist attacks existed for several years together with tense confrontations and low tourist activity. Most of the positions in the rating are occupied by the Eastern countries, such as Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and so on. The rest of the spots on the list belong to the countries of Western, Eastern and Northern Africa and Ukraine.

The first three of the most dangerous countries include Iraq (3515 victims), Nigeria (3332), Syria (2726). The “safest” in the ranking are Ukraine (222 people killed) and Libya (188).

But lately, the world is shaken by the news of the terrorist attacks in countries that were previously considered suitable for recreation and travel. Here’s the list of these places together with the number of victims:

Kenyan Republic – more than 400 people were killed over the course of two years in a series of attacks by Islamic terrorist groups. As a result of these events, tourist activity dropped by 25% in the country.

Philippines – 151 people were killed, an unknown number of people were kidnapped for profit in the form of ransom. This was caused by an armed conflict between rebels “Abu Sayyaf” and the troops of the republic.

Egypt – 127 lives were taken away since the protégé of the “Muslim Brotherhood” was deprived of political power. This caused the frequency of terrorist attacks and riots in the streets to increase, making Egypt an unsafe place for vacation. Since the measures taken by the Government of Egypt were not enough to maintain order, another law against terrorism was approved by the Government, but many doubt that this will improve the situation in the country in any way.

Congo – 103 people were killed, including a number of innocent civilians, by the Ugandan rebel groups.

India – 71 persons were killed in the period from the beginning to the middle of 2015 because of clashes and terrorist attacks.

The Republic of Colombia – 64 people were killed, including civilians. The reasons for this were regular armed conflicts that were initiated by radicals from the FARC movement.

Cameroon – 55 people killed; Niger – 38 people killed due to the actions of the Nigerian militant group.

Tunisia – 40 people were killed and another 40 people were wounded as a result of gunfire near the coastal town of Sousse and the negligence of the local police.

Kuwait – 27 people were killed, 227 were wounded in the mosque due to the actions of the Islamic extremist groups who were also responsible for the incidents in Tunisia and India.

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