The most beautiful travel spots in New Zealand

New Zealand
New Zealand

Today’s top is about New Zealand. This country is not only well-known because “The Lord of the rings” was filmed there, it is also famous by its picturesque views that can blow up your mind and make you fall in love with them. You definitely must visit the following places while yours New Zealand vacation.

10. Napier

Napier is the only city in this top, but it really differs from others. In 1931 there was an earthquake that pretty much ruined this city. The city was rebuilt, the money given to do that pulled it out of crisis and totally changed its style. The buildings are designed in Art Deco that is not quite typical for New Zealand. But it is not only the architecture that makes this city special – Napier is also famous for its sunsets, which are truly outstanding.

9. Punakaiki coast

The west coast of South Island is called Punakaiki and it has really breathtaking rocky landscape. The atmosphere in this place is hard to describe, it better to see it with your own eyes. The flora here makes you not only see the wildlife, but feel like a part of it. It can be definitely called the end of the world because of its rocky beaches. Pancake rock formation is what makes this place attractive for travelers.

8. The Waikato River

the Waikako River is famous for its unusual bright blue color. It take its start from Lake Taupo and can seem unrealistic from the first sight. Some travelers call it the swimming pool that has the shape of the river.  You also must see Huka falls with its majestic view. The tourists who enjoy extreme also can be attracted by Taupo’s Bungee Jumping.

7. Franz Josef Ranges

We are moving along the west coast of South Island, and our next stop is Franz Josef Glacier, most part of which is covered with rainforests. It is so huge that if you want to see it all you must climb the Alex Knob Mountain. If you are not afraid to go by yourself, at the height of 1300 you will find the best point to observe the scenic panorama of the glacier. This point will give you much better view that the point guides take tourist to while the excursions. The only thing that can stand between you and the best panorama in your life is a fog that often surrounds the mountain. Though the misty view also worth seeing it.

6. Abel Tasman Coast Track

Abel Tasman Coast Track is famous for its National park and is the best place to run away from the family resorts if you are the single traveler or you travel with your friends. The track’s length is over twelve kilometers and it ends with Cove torrent bay. This place is famous for its beautiful beaches. You obviously must drop in Abel Tasman sandbar to have a lunch here. You won’t regret it!

5. Golden Bay

Golden bay lies to the north of the Abel Tasman. It is famous for its wide sand beaches. One of them is Farewell Spit – the stretch of the sand to the north of the bay that is thirty kilometers long. In case you don’t afraid of the wind that can reach 80 km per hour, you should visit this place because you will get the unforgettable experience. Of course, you can face some difficulties like sandstorms that often happen there, but if you get ready for them it won’t spoil your trip. There are a lot of deserted places to camp in Golden bay. One of them is located nearby the old rotten pier and is the most popular among travelers.

4. Waitakere beaches

There are three majestic beaches in the Waitakere range. They are located to the west of Auckland city and their view make you feel like you’re in heaven. The picturesque scenery of these beaches will make you numb for a while, before you recognize all its beauty. All three beaches are different, but all beautiful: Karekare beach with its black sand; Anawhata beach that is usually empty and can become a perfect place to have a date with your half; and the most famous Muriwai beach – the home for plenty of Ganets – rare migratory birds.

3. Tongariro National Park

Do you want to have a tour to Mars? Then you’re welcome to Tongariro National Park with its volcanic rocky landscape.  “The Lord of the Rings” fans will definitely call it Mordor. There is no surprise – this place really was chosen as the location to film Mordor. The red crater called “The Gates of Hell” makes the picture completed. Those who like to spend their vacation actively can try hiking the track with the center named Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Emerald Lakes which are also located in this park make a huge contrast to the red deserted scenery.

2. The Coromandel

The Coromandel is a beautiful half-island with various vegetation and multifarious wildlife. To see it all we would advise you to rent a car in order to explore all of is picturesque coasts. We bet that you will have the desire to stay there forever. Many years ago first of mankind came exactly to this peninsula, and the conditions here made them stay. The beautiful view of the sea and Great Barrier opens from high cliffs that surround the coast.

1. The Milford Track

Milford Track is well known all over the world hiking trail. It differs from other trails because not all spots are opened constantly. Every year the list of vacant spots changes. This trail is also called the “finest walk in the world”, and it proves that name, because it is really exiting. The city where Milford Track is located, Fiordland, is famous for its heavy rains. In fact, it is raining here almost all year around. That is why the hikers should be aware of such weather conditions and get ready for them. But it shouldn’t stop you from having this trip because you will be excited by the mind-blowing views of wild nature. There are plenty of rivers that cross the mountains, mighty waterfalls and rocks that will surround you. You will also cross the valley of Lake Mintaro, from which you can observe the snow peaks of the mountains. Sutherland Falls is 600 meter high and there is the overgrown basin at its lowest, which makes this gorgeous natural view complete.

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