10 crazy things to do during your vacation in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

1. Go on a “pedalo treasure hunt”.

The treasure hunt happens while you are taking a boat tour around Amsterdam’s numerous channels. Not only will you get a chance to exercise your logic, you will also see the city, and learn a lot about its attractions.

2.  Participate in a carver contest

Carvers are small cars that have three wheels, which makes them somewhat unstable. Riding these vehicles with your friends is a great way to have a fun time with friends for a low price.

3. Explore the “Electric Ladyland” museum

Amsterdam has dozens of various museums, but this one is especially unconventional – all the artwork here is made of fluorescent lights. This is definitely one of the best places to visit during your travel!

4. Go on a free skating tour of Amsterdam

If you are looking to save some money, see the city and have some fun, one of our best tips for you is to take the skating tour. It will make your holidays in the Netherlands unforgettable – just don’t forget your skates!

 5. Enjoy yourself at De Kattenkabinet 

If you love cats – this is definitely the place you should visit during your rest here, in Amsterdam. Everything here is about our little friends – hurry up to get your visa.

6. Have a meal in the dark

A special restaurant is located in the city – there are no lights in the restaurant and visitors cannot see their food at any point. They can only trust the cooks and their senses. Not many countries have restaurants that are this creative.

 7. Learn how to flirt professionally

If you are always nervous to ask people out on dates – the best advice we have is to go on a flirting workshop and become a professional in it in just two hours.

 8. Enjoy dinner and a show all in one place

If you want to have a fancy evening in Amsterdam, but also have fun, there is no better place to do it than Palazzo. Fine dining and delicious meals combine here with a show that includes acrobatics, fire and magic. You won’t find another resort that offers all this in one place.

9. Explore the Vrolik Museum

This museum is a real treat for everyone who loves anatomy. Visitors can observe a huge collection of human body parts that might scare even the bravest ones. Come here, if you love a little scare, but make sure not to bring children along.

10. Spend a day Blokarting

If you love beaches and speed, take a day to travel to the small town of Ijimuiden to take an eco-friendly ride on the beach at a speed of almost 60 miles per hour. Just make sure it doesn’t rain when you go.

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