Goa Tourism


Are you really interested to explore the beauty of the beaches in the shades of sky touching palm trees and feel the softness of golden sand, Goa is the best destinations which is closely located at the western coastline of Sea shore. This destination is rich in natural beauty which is best to see the beaches and its nearby natural surroundings like trees, hills sea sand and many more.  Interestingly, Goa is best for the beaches which one can see in the every corner which widely fascinates the visitors from the world. The beaches are located at the best part of Goa and are well connected to  market. Moreover, near these beaches one can find well furnished hotels and resorts where they can stay and avail the facilities and foods.  In Goa the visitors enjoy the peaceful ambiance which has perfectly combination of sun, sand, sea and gives ideal state of enjoyment. The beaches of Goa are the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation and holiday in India.

Further, apart from Beaches, here one can see and explore the ancient t buildings and temples which were built in Vedic period by and ancestors and the buildings which is built by the Portuguese some 500 years back. Goa is places which was also described in ancient period and is also known for its Vedic records which has strong presences in the current period also.

If one will come to Goa they will surely get interacted with the places and forts which was build in ancient time like Usgalimal Rock Carvingswhich is ancients’ heritage,  located at prehistoric sites in western India where one can see hundred distinct figures like Bulls, spirals, lines and human figures. The carvings are designed in ancient period and still have its presence.

In Addition, they can even see Wax World Museum where one can see 30 life-size, statues of famous personalities of India. The statues sculpture are carefully sculpted for proper perfection where the famous one is the statue of the ‘last supper’ which is 22 feet in length and weights 500 kilos.

Moreover, Arvalam Waterfalls is also ideal place to visit which is situated about 2 km from the small town of Sanquelim where one can spent their time and properly enjoy their vacation with friends and family and even comer to the significance of the places.

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