10 reasons to visit Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany

When you travel around the Germany we guess you will visit its capital – Berlin, probably Munich. Some of the touristic routes include sailing along the Rhyme. Some of them include visiting Black Forest. We agree that these places attract travelers and they are worth seeing, but our article is not about them. It is about Hamburg – the second largest city of Germany located of the north of the country. If you have any doubts, here are some pros for having a tour around this city.

1. It’s not Bavaria


Let us predict what you will think about when we mention Germany. It will be sausages, Oktoberfest and so on. But all of these stereotypes refer to Bavaria. But Hamburg is not part of it. This German city differs from others. Mostly it is because of the impact of the sea. Oh, you can feel its scent everywhere. The city is fulfilled with it. Still, it remains German style in architecture, but it is also a bit different. The city has its unique maritime culture with authentic local dishes and beer. So, if you want to explore the other Germany you are welcome to Hamburg.

2. History

The citizens of Hamburg truly have what to be proud of. It stands on the river Elbe and connects the city with the Northern Sea. Nowadays it has one of the world’s biggest ports. A lot of cruise ships make a stop here or start their voyage. The maritime history of Hamburg lasts for centuries. It started long before it was declared an Imperial Free City and got the access to the North Sea in 1189. In 1321 it became aa member of the Hanseatic League and sewed up the status of trading center.

3. Art and other museums

Hamburg is famous for its museums. Here you can the Maritime Museum which is not surprisingly for those who are aware of the city’s history. But it is not the only one that is well worth seeing. Here you can find as the museums of modern art, so the museums that refer to medieval history. There are the Hamburg’s Kunsthalle – the museums that gather the seven centuries of history in three buildings. This museum is also well-known all over the world by its special exhibitions that attract thousands of visitors every year. For those who want to explore something untraditional we would advise to visit Spicy’s Spice Market which is the museum of spices, where you can explore the history of spice trade. And the last museum we are telling you about is Miniatur Wunderland. It will definitely amaze you by the working model of the airport, models of the cities and the largest model of the railroad in the world.

4. Fish

We think it won’t surprise you when we tell you that there are a lot of fish in Hamburg. Moreover, fish is what it specializes at. Hamburg is a coastal city, and this is what defined the directivity of its cuisine. Almost every restaurant of Hamburg will offer you a large choice of the seafood dishes. Also there are many spots around the city that will offer you a fish sandwich.  And it is not all we want to tell about fish – we strongly advise you to visit local famous Sunday morning fish market.

5. Music

Do you like classic music? Or probably you prefer quick loud music that are played in the nightclubs? And maybe you are the Beatles fan? Anyway, you will find something that will refer to your taste in Hamburg. You can visit one of the night clubs located along thee Reeperbahn or spend the night in one of the concert halls. For example, it could be the Laeiszhalle, which is a philharmonic.  By the way, in 2017 a new large concert hall named Elbphilharmonie is going to be opened. Music is everywhere in this city. You can just walk in the park or along the street and see local bands and musicians playing for everyone who turned up around

6. Outdoors

Being outside is good for your health the citizens of Hamburg understand it and follow this prescription like most Germans. They are very concerned about the ecology so they prefer using bicycles instead of cars, even if it is cold and rainy outside. There are a lot of open spaces where you can spend time on the fresh air. Most of them are parks. We want to tell you about the most famous one among them all. It is the one that also is well worth attention. The Planten und Blomen Park can be called the piece of Japan. This is the largest European Japanese garden which is rich with tropical plants. You also can play mini-golf here or go ice-skating in winter. One more reason to like outdoors in Hamburg is long days and really short nights in summer. It happens because its northern location and it makes locals and tourist walk around the town all day long.

The Hamburg also has a big stunning zoo, where you can have a look at the animals that represent the fauna of the world. You will be definitely amazed by a four-level aquarium which is also located in the Zoo. But nature is not the only outdoor the residents of Hamburg enjoy. They are fond of sports, especially of European football. The city even has two football teams. So, if you are in Hamburg and there is a football match being held, don’t miss a chance to visit it.

7. Youthful vibe

There are many universities in Hamburg and many young people because if that. That defines that nightlife here is rich and various. There are a lot of clubs and bars where you can have a drink at. But it is not the only thing that makes the spirit of this city young. It is rich with outdoor activities, various street shows and festivals. However, you can just sit on the terrace of one of the city’s cafes, having a drink, enjoying the atmosphere and feeling young again.

8. Boats and water activities

If you like water activities, you will definitely find something attractive for you in Hamburg. There are a lot of various water objects here. The river Elbe, the Northern Sea and the Alster Lakes are the main ones. This places offer to tourists a lot of different water activities. Here you can do swimming or kayaking and much other stuff like having a boat tour. Hamburg can be called the capital of Rowing. The first Rowing club was established here. You may also go to Hamburg Port and have an unforgettable boat tour about the local harbor and feel the maritime spirit of Hamburg.

9. Shopping district

This is the part of our article every woman or girl will like. Germany is a prosperous country, and Hamburg is one of the wealthiest cities of it. So, this city is actually a heaven for shopaholics from all over the world. Here you can find a lot of boutiques for every wallet. There are a lot of shops of worldwide brands along the Jungfernstieg Street which is located nearby Inner Alster Lake. But is you walk aside this street you will find some shops with the authentic local brands. he price and the quality of which will pleasantly surprise you.

10. Architecture

Hamburg has it authentic style in architecture. Actually, it is combined from different styles and that is what makes it truly unique. There are a lot of churches that belong to different époques. The most famous are St. Nicholas church – the tallest building of the world in nineteenth century, and St. Michael’s church. The bell tower of the last one provides the striking panorama of the city. Actually from this point you can see all of its beauty. Among other beautiful buildings we want to mention Hamburg’s city hall. It is a majestic building the construction of which started at the early 1800s. Hamburg can be also called the city of bridges. There are 2,300 of them and it is the biggest quantity worldwide. But if you really want to explore the style of Hamburg you must have a walk around the city discovering its cobbled streets and brick houses. That is where the soul of the city hides.

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